Keratosis Pilaris Treatment and Prevention

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So, How Can I Prevent Keratosis Pilaris?

While keratosis pilaris is a common and relatively benign condition, it can cause issues with self-esteem due to the cosmetic aspect of the problem. Therefore, it goes without saying that most people would want to do anything they could to prevent the condition. Unfortunately, there really is no way to prevent keratosis pilaris. This is due to a number of reasons including the fact that little is known about what causes keratosis pilaris and that it is a genetic condition.

However, there are certain things you can do to avoid aggravating the condition, such as keeping your skin well-moisturized, exfoliating, limiting how much time you spend in hot water, and avoiding harsh soaps. Read on for a more comprehensive list of measures you can take to keep your keratosis pilaris under control.

Moisturizing Regularly

You can’t overlook the importance of regularly moisturizing your skin when you have keratosis pilaris. The sandpapery feel of your skin is usually due to skin drying out, which is why you should be applying thick moisturizers on a regular basis. A thick moisturizer will create a seal over you skin, which keeps water from escaping and drying out your skin.

While a lotion will work, it won’t offer the benefits of a thicker cream, so you should probably stick to more powerful moisturizers. You can get some great over-the-counter brands such as Eucerin and Cetaphil.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time in Hot Water

If you love spending “hours” in the tub in hot water with a glass of wine and a good book, you’ll have to find a different pastime because hot water will not do your keratosis pilaris any favors. The hot water will remove essential oil from your skin, as will spending too much time in water. Ideally, stick to showers that are ten minutes or less and opt for warm water rather than scalding hot.

Opt for Gentler Soaps

Using harsh soaps that will leave your skin feeling dry and tight after a shower is not a good idea and will only aggravate your condition. The better option is to stick with mild soaps that have added moisturizers and fats. Some good brands include Dove and Neutrogena, but the best way to find the perfect soap is through experimentation. Just remember that your skin should feel smooth and soft after washing and not as if it’s about to crack.

Pat, Don’t Rub Dry

Most of us tend to quickly rubs ourselves dry with a towel after a shower. If you have keratosis pilaris, though, this isn’t such a smart idea. You want to pat or blot yourself dry so some of the moisture remains on your skin. Immediately apply a moisturizer to keep your skin silky soft.

Buy a Humidifier

The goal is to keep your skin properly hydrated, so if you live in an area with low humidity, consider buying a humidifier. Climates with low humidity are terrible for people with keratosis pilaris because the lack of humidity causes skin to dry out. A humidifier will certainly help.

While there are plenty of humidifiers available on the market, the key is to keep whatever unit you purchase clean. Otherwise, a buildup of bacteria and fungi could leave to even more serious problems.

I Have Keratosis Pilaris, Now What?

While you can’t actually prevent keratosis pilaris, if you follow this advice, you’ll certainly avoid aggravating the condition. If all of the steps in this guide still aren’t helping, you needn’t worry because you can treat keratosis pilaris and there are a number of ways you can manage the condition so that it’s no longer bothersome. All you have to do is read our Treatment Guide and follow the steps laid out to improve your keratosis pilaris. Also, take a look at our product guide to see the latest reviews on keratosis pilaris treatment products as well as comments from other people dealing with this issue, just like you. Please let us know in the comments section of the various product reviews about any products you’ve successfully used to treat your keratosis pilaris.



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