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You asked for the best Keratosis Pilaris treatments currently available on the market so we developed a criteria to rank them based upon their most important qualities. We looked past the marketing and at the remedies themselves, their ingredients, price, effectiveness, and customer service to develop this simple comparison chart. With your combined feedback, our editors put together the following product chart for your convenience:

Rank 1 - KP EssentialsKPessentialsRank 2 - KP ElementsKPElementsRank 3 - Paula's ChoicePaulas ChoiceRank 4KPCareRank 5Dermadoctor
Overall Score98.9 / 10097.6 / 10096.7 / 10089.3 / 10083.3 / 100
Editor Review
Customer Rating5 Star Product5 Star Product4 Star Product3.5 Star Product3 Star Product
Success* 90.6%89.5%83.2%74.1%73.5%
Treatment TimeFastest (2-5 Weeks)Fast (3-4 Weeks)Avg. (4-6 Weeks)Avg. (4-6 Weeks)Slow. (5-6 Weeks)
PolicyMoney Back GuaranteedMoney Back Guaranteed60 Days or In House CreditN/A30 Days (less shipping)
Product Safety SafeSafeSafeSafeSafe
Customer Support5 Star Nail Fungus Product5 Star Nail Fungus Product3 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product
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Keratosis Pilaris (also known as “KP”, “Chicken Skin”, “Follicular Keratosis” and “Lichen Pilaris) is a common skincare condition that more often than not is overlooked. KP is characterized by appearance of red, rough, bumps on the surface of skin. It most commonly appears on the arms, shoulders and forearms however it can affect other body parts just as easily such as the buttocks, thighs and legs. Often KP is mistaken for acne or “goose bumps” but the two are unrelated, it is in fact the result of excess keratin within the skin clogging the hair follicles within our pores.

Last updated: January, 2014

– Top Recommended Product, 2014 –

Rank 1 - KP EssentialsProduct Score:98.9 / 100
Sample Size:20,000+
Rank Change:0
Manufacturer:KP Essentials
Website:Visit on Amazon
Active Ingredient:Glycolic & Lactic Acids
Absorption:Essential Oil & Emulsifier Blend
Customer Rating:5 Star Product
Policy:Satisfaction Guaranteed
*Based on aggregated user reviews. Not a scientific study of product efficacy. Individual results may vary.

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