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Rank 1 - KP EssentialsProduct Score:98.9 / 100
Sample Size:20,000+
Rank Change:0
Manufacturer:KP Essentials
Website:Visit on Amazon
Active Ingredient:Glycolic & Lactic Acids
Absorption:Essential Oil & Emulsifier Blend
Customer Rating:5 Star Product
Policy:Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Editor Review

Badge-2KPessentials combines the very best modern science has to offer from both the medical and cosmetic fields. It contains a blend of essential oils and emulsifiers, acting like a delivery system to help better absorb within the skin. This proprietary mixture of proven ingredients includes Alpha and Hydroxy acids, along with essential oils like Jojoba and Almond oil to help exfoliate and unclog keratin blocked pores. KPessentials clears KP by gently exfoliating and resurfacing the skin by dissolving excess keratin that clogs pores resulting in the bumpy, red, irritated surface.

KPessentials is formulated with clinically proven ingredients in an FDA registered facility. The active ingredient in this formula, Glycolic and Lactic acids, are recognized for their skincare benefits and are chosen for their ability to help break down excess keratin. These alpha-hydroxy acids are delivered throughout the skin using a careful blend of essential oils and emulsifiers. The result is a delivery system that enables for the best care of KP and overall clearer, healthier skin. Based on reviews from our team, editors, and user reviews, we recommend KPessentials‘s highly researched and effective formula. For best results, use in close accompaniment with their Body Scrub and follow our Treatment Guide. Combined user ratings suggest KPessentials, a relatively newcomer to the KP world, to hold the highest success rate on the market in 2015 and has earned our endorsement as a top pick.

Some users with mild symptoms may report visible results in as little as 1-2 weeks and complete elimination of their KP in just over 30 days. Immediate results included reduced redness, smoother skin, and evened skintone. KPessentials honors a Full Guarantee on all purchases, no questions asked.

In an evolving market, KPessentials continues to make waves with a new updated formula for 2015. It is our most recommend KP solution. KPessentials now ships outside of the United States.

  • Continues to hold the highest reported success rate
  • Proven blend of powerful ingredients work together to eliminate KP around the clock
  • Fast acting formula provides visible results within as little as 2-3 weeks
  • Top notch customer service and delivery
  • Best overall value
Company:KP Essentials, Inc.
Total Treatment Time: 30 days (varying by severity)
Application: Two applications daily
Product Guarantee: Full money back guarantee
Availability: Manufacturer’s Official Website
Official Website:
Customer Service: Excellent, Phone/Email

Absorption:Emulsifiers and Oils
Active Ingredient: Alpha Hydroxy Acids 

Users report visible results in as little as 2-3 weeks and elimination of KP within as little as 30 days. Immediate results include reduced redness, raised bumps, and irritation as well as more even skintone. Most users report the restoration of clear, healthier looking skin within the first month. KPessential’s sophisticated formula hold its spot as our most recommended formula for the successful care of Keratosis Pilaris.

*Data is based on cumulative reviews and research*

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